Episode 006: Density, Parking and the future of Philadelphia neighborhoods



It's not something that jumps to forefront of your mind when you think of Real Estate but the politics and policies of density in Philadelphia are probably the largest factors effecting quality of life and affordability in our ever changing city. Look no further than how parking policies, or the lack there of, is effecting our neighborhoods and turning the meekest of citizens into a enraged tire slasher. 

This week our guest, Jon Geeting, is a writer who knows this territory all to well. Jon Geeting is a journalist at PlanPhilly.com, Philadelphia’s “paper of record” for development and city planning news. He also serves on the board of the Bella Vista Neighbors Association, is a co-founder of Open Streets PHL, and is involved with numerous civic projects relating to public space, transportation, and walkable development. Born and raised in Bethlehem, PA, he moved to Philadelphia in 2013 after an 11-year stint in New York City attending school and working for the Open Society Foundations.

Jon and his wife Brooke settled in Bella Vista, where they can often be found taking walks with their new daughter, playing with their dog at Seger Dog Park, or hunting down the perfect taco on 9th Street.