Episode 007: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Philadelphia Corporate and Residential Real Estate

HOUWZER  & Magnum Opus


Most of us have to admit when we hear the term 'office space' our first thought isn't 'how exciting!'. Well, if you have any interest in Real Estate investment and the residential neighborhoods here in Philly you should probably reconsider that reaction.

In this week's episode we spend some time with Ed O'brien, CEO of Firstbase, and learn about the history of the commercial office market here in Philly, it's impact on residential trends and the immediate influx of new commercial space we're seeing in Center City. 

Ed O’brien is the CEO of Firstbase and Chief Real Estate Officer at Benjamin’s Desk coworking space where his team provides solutions and guidance for startups, entrepreneurs, and mobile corporate employees.

Ed has 35 years of experience in the commercial Real Estate sector having served as senior executive with Julien J. Studley, the Staubach Company, and as the the senior managing director – corporate services group for Keller Williams commercial real estate.