Episode 005: Postgreen and the quest to build affordable green homes in Philly



It sounds simple but the idea of building modern green homes that the average Philadelphian can afford is anything but. Fortunately developers like Chad Ludeman of Postgreen homes is not afraid of a big challenge.

Chad came to Philly in 2000 and for many years worked a desk, like many of us, but realized he wanted to do something all his own, something bold. Without any construction or development experience Chad and his wife Courtney launched Postgreen Homes with a focused mission to build affordable, green, modern homes.

Right out the gate their first project, the 100k House, received national headlines in publications like DWELL and GOOD magazine highlighting their commitment to affordable and earth friendly development.

In this episode we talk with Chad about what it was like to jump into the development game, his current projects, and what he's seeing in blossoming neighborhoods like Old Kensington, South Kensington and Francisville.