Episode 003 - Lindsey Scannapieco & Building Bok



Lindsey Scannapieco, founder of the urban design and development studio, Scout LTD, that’s the organization behind Building Bok, the transformational project of the vacant former Bok Technical High School in South Philadelphia.

By nature the Real Estate development game attracts big thinkers with a predisposition for seeing opportunities where others only see road blocks. It’s an inherent optimism that makes them simultaneously figure heads for change and targets of criticism. None exemplifies this more in the current Philly development landscape than my next guest.

Lindsay Scannapieco has a Master's degree in city design and social science from the London School of Economics  which led her to a role with the Olympic Park Legacy Company that was tasked with activating vacant property in and around the former London 2012 Games. When looking for her next big project Lindsey stumbled across a School District of Philadelphia website that featured obsolete District buildings that were being sold. It was there Lindsey first saw Edward W. Bok Technical High School and the vision for transforming the 340,000 sq/ft (that’s equivalent to the surface area of six football fields) structure into an innovative hub for creatives and non-profits in South Philly was born.

It’s a big bold project that has already captured the attention of the city with the launch of its seasonal roof-top Pop-Up restaurant, Le Bok Fin.

In this episode we talk to Lindsay about her time in the UK repurposing Olympic infrastructure after the London Games, how she found and purchased Bok, and how she felt the first time she walked through the massive space.